225g plain flour

10ml baking powder

85g caster sugar

70g butter

40g trex

50g sultanas

1 egg.

Serves: 30 welsh cakes approx.


Sift plain flour and baking powder in to a bowl

Stir in sugar.

Rub in butter and trex, until a buttery crumb.

Stir in sultanas

Lightly beat egg, and add to the crumbs.

Mix together and bring together to a soft dough.

Divide into 4 lumps.

Roll or push out one of the lumps to about 5mm, on a floured surface.

Cut out using a 6cm cutter.

Heat a large frying pan to medium.

Rub a little butter over the heated pan, add welsh cakes but do not overcrowd the pan or it will be difficult to turn the cakes.

Cook 5 mins on each side,until golden brown on each side.

Place on a board dusted with caster sugar, sprinkle topsides with caster as they come out of the pan.

Repeat with all the mix. Kneading in the remnants. Use all the dough.