1-2 garlic cloves

45-60mls tahini paste

juice 1 lemon

60-75mls water

salt and black pepper 


Serves: 4

Source: Moro Cookbook


Peel and then crush the garlic with some salt into a smooth paste.

Use a mortar and pestle or flat of the knife on chopping board.

Place in a small mixing bowl

Add the tahini.

Be prepared, once the liquid is added the tahini siezes and becomes very thick. It will slowly loosen as the liquid is added. I find the best strategy is to add quite a lot of liquid to start with, to get the tahini going.

Add half the lemon juice with 30mls of water.

Whisk to a smooth, thick paste.

Add the remaining juice and water to get the right consistency and flavour. If the sauce gets too thin add a little more tahini, this will thicken it right up.

When you have the consistency you want, a thick cream.

Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with all your North African or Lebanese favourites.