Sourdough Pizza Crust

Sourdough Pizza Crust


100g sourdough starter

225g warm water

300g flour

7g salt

Makes: 2 9in thick-crust pizzas



Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, stirring until well mixed.

Turn out onto a floured work surface, and knead until you have smooth not-too-sticky dough - 10 minutes will be enough.

Refrigerate in an oiled, covered bowl for at least 6 hours - it will be fine for a couple of days and possibly longer.

A couple of hours before you want to eat, remove from the fridge and bring to room temperature - I used an oven at 30C.

Split the dough into 2 halves, and spread or roll each into a 9 inch circle.

Add a topping of your choice.

Bake on a pizza stone at 300C for 7 minutes.

Ready for topping - this is the first pass, with thinner dough

Topped and ready to bake - the thin version is a bit difficult to control.

Ready to eat