250g unsalted butter

900g granulated sugar

400g evaporated milk (1 large tin, own brand is fine)

5ml vanilla essence



100g chopped plain chocolate (40% cocoa solid chocolate is ideal, high cocoa solid will give a bitter taste to fudge)


80g raisins

80g toasted skinned hazelnuts


Makes: 1.5kg of fudge

Source:  The Classic Italian Cookbook, Marcella Hazan


Lighly oil a traybake foil 32 x 19 x 3.5cm (I buy from Lakeland) or 2 smaller trays to achieve similar volume,place on a baking tray.

In a very large pan minimum of 5 litre capacity, I use a 6.5litre pan, heat gently, stirring occasionally, the butter, sugar and evaporated milk until the butter has melted.

Increase the heat to achieve a rolling boil and stir and continuously,  the mixture rises up the pan which is why a deep pan is necessary.

Reduce heat to medium and continue to boil and stir until frothing dies down and colour deepens and mixture is at a temperature of 120C.

Take off the heat, add the vanilla essence and mix in well.



Add the chopped chocolate,do not stir in, leave to melt on surface of the fudge as it cools for 5 minutes to ensure a temperature drops below 110C

Now beat the mixture hard for a minimum of 2 minutes, you will notice that the shine disappears and the mix that ends up on the sides of the pan starts to set like fudge, keep going as mix will thicken as well. I generally beat for up to 3 minutes or when my hand aches too much!

Pour into the oiled tray and leave to cool overnight.

Turn out and cut into pieces. I manage 64 chunks.



Once the mix has stood for 5 minutes, add nuts and raisins and finish off as above.

The most important piece of equipment is a jam or sugar thermometer to measure the temperature of the boiling sugar.

The required temperature is soft ball 120C, if the thermometer is set for 115C soft ball this is not enough, boil on to 120C

The thermometer needs to be metal as any plastic near this will melt.


The mix will divide in half if a large pan is not availabe, boil slower as it may reach 120C too quickly.


Chopped chocolate melting in the cooling fudge


Fudge ingredients boiling away