24 large elderflower heads

1.5kg sugar

3-4 oranges

2 lemons

50g citric acid (available from some independent chemists).

800ml water

Serves:2 litres


Pick 24 large elderflower heads, preferably on a warm day with the sun on them.

Place in a large non reactive bowl.

Slice the oranges and lemons and add to the flowers

Weigh the sugar and mix in the citric acid, pour over the flowers and fruit.

Bring the water to the boil.

Once boiling pour over the contents of the bowl.

Give it all a good stir.

Leave to cool

Cover and leave, out of any direct light, to steep for up to 4 days.

Strain through a colander to remove the flowers and fruit.

Then pass through a fine sieve and or a muslin bag to remove as much sediment as possible.

Pour into small bottles to keep.

The cordial freezes really well.

It is best to use small bottles in the freezer as the cordial will ferment (eventually) even if kept in the fridge. Then you can enjoy all year round.

There is a full range of pictures across the page.



Elderflowers with oranges, lemons and sugar with citric acid

Elderflowers, citrus and sugar

Boiling water added.

Water added

Cordial bottled into 330ml water bottles. I took these out of the freezer, they make a better picture. It is easier to see that there is something in the bottles!

Bottled cordial