230ml milk (whole,semi or skimmed)

110ml double cream

4x15ml sugar

2 egg yolks

2.5ml vanilla essence or seeds from half a vanilla bean

30ml cornflour (optional)


Mix milk and cream, place in a small pan, reserving 150ml.

Sprinkle 2x15ml of sugar into the milk, it will lay on the bottom of the pan and prevent the milk from sticking to the pan as it heats.

Place the egg yolks in a bowl, add vanilla and the remaining 2x15ml sugar. Whisk together till well incorporated.

Heat the milk to boiling.

Pour half the milk onto the egg yolk mixture, whisk well then return to the pan with the rest of the milk.

Have ready a bowl or jug and sieve to take the finished custard.

Heat the custard slowly, stirring constantly. The custard will thicken after about 5 mins, do not be in a hurry or the egg will scramble.

Mix the cornflour with the remaining milk/cream mix.

Add to the custard and heat gently, stirring until the cornflour thickens.

Taste to ensure the starch has cooked and the custard has the correct flavour.

Strain through the sieve into the waiting bowl or jug.