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I have collected these books over many years and I see them all as a valuable resource, no matter how old, battered or falling apart.

Each book has place in the development of myself as a chef/cook and illustrates the changing fashions and trends in the world of recipes.

The books are also a window into the way life was ordered, recipes for meals and times that are fast disappearing.


The books I have most recently referred to are set out below.

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Recipes for the new wok.

China MoonKen Hom



Marcella Hazan


Carluccio La Pizza Malgeri

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Only the best: the art of cooking with a master chef image

Only the best: the art of cooking with a master chef

Roux, Michel

Here, top chef Michel Roux has created a compendium of culinary techniques, whilst at the same producing a collection of 130 recipes that can be achieved at home. The book is arranged by style of cooking, from sauces and marinades, through steamed and poached dishes, pan-fried food, grills and roasts, to baking. Each technique is demonstrated by means of a master recipe with one or two variations, but each recipe is given a modern twist.

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Most are available through Amazon in the UK, some only as second hand copies.

Where there is no direct link, the book is only available in the US.