Separate eggs

Make sure that you do this over bowls to take the whites and yolks.
To ensure that the yolk does not break, crack the egg and break in two, keeping the contents in one half of the shell.
Cup your other hand and pour the egg into the hollow at the base of your fingers, over the bowl, open them enough to allow the white to fall through, leaving the yolk in your hand.
Place yolk in bowl, and repeat.
Egg whites freeze very well if you do not need to use them immediately.
Egg yolks will keep int the fridge for not longer than 2 days, make sure the surface of the yolks is covered with cling film to prevent a skin forming.
If you do not wish to use your hands simply use the halves of egg shells to pass the yolk from one to the other, allowing the white to drop into the bowl, once the yolk is clear of white put into a second bowl.
It is important that no yolk is present in the whites as this will prevent the whites from taking in the air and creating the foam.