Court bouillon

A court bouillon is a flavoured liquid used to poach. It is most commonly used to poach fish. It suited to fish as the cooking method is gentle and will not dry out the flesh. It is best to tailor the court bouillon to the type of fish to be used. Put all the ingredients for the court bouillon into a vessel large enough to take the fish in one layer. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15-30 mins depending flavouring used. Poach the fish. The liquid may be reduced to make fumet. General Court Bouillon: For 1 litre water add 15ml salt, sliced carrot, celery and onion, bouquet garni. Whole ocean fish: For 1 litre of water add 15ml of salt, 225ml white wine (upto 450ml if required), sliced carrot, celery, onion and bouquet garni. Fresh-water fish: For 1 litre add 15ml salt, 110ml red wine vinegar, vegetables and herbs as before. White-fleshed fish: For 1 litre water 15ml salt, 225ml milk, 1-2 lemons peeled, pith removed, thinly sliced or 225ml white wine with 110ml tarragon vinegar.