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Shortcrust pastry

Strawberry Jam

Weight of 1 egg in:

Margerine or butter


1 egg

110g S.R flour

50g ground almonds (optional)

Icing sugar



Roll out the pastry and cut out with a pastry cutter to fit tart tins.

Place in the tart tins and chill.

Beat together the margerine or butter with sugar.

Add the egg

Mix in the flour and ground almond if using.

Take tart tins from the fridge.

Heat oven 180C

Place a little jam in the bottom of each pastry tart.

Add a large teaspoon of sponge.

Bake for 15-20 mins until pastry cooked and sponge golden.

Allow to cool.

Can be iced as picture. Just icing sugar and water or lemon juice, to required thickeness.

Spoon over each cake.