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450g fruit, washed and prepared.

15g cornflour

50-100g sugar



220g flour

50g sugar

80g butter, melted.


Serves: 4



Heat oven to 180C

Place the washed and prepared fruit in a small, shallow oven proof dish.

Mix together the sugar and cornflour, sprinkle over the fruit and give the dish a shake to settle the mix through the fruit.

Make the crumble by mixing together the flour and sugar, add the melted butter, stirring. The mix will form buttery lumps. Rub in any loose flour in the bowl.

Distribute evenly over the fruit and bake 20 - 30 mins, till crumble browning and fruit is cooked.

Selected recipes

The latest crumble is pictured gooseberries from the village allotments, flvaoured with homemade elderflower cordial.


Apple and Blackberry

Apple and Blackberry.

Rhubarb is a popular one, try these variations:


Orange flesh/segments



Or any fruit combo.


2010 vintage ripe juicy plums from the garden.

Garden Plums


I tend to use brown sugar for the fruit and granulated sugar for the crumble mix. This is not compulsory. Demerara is popular for the crumble as it gives a nice crunch.

Crumble topped ready for baking.